Patent Portfolio Development

Patent Portfolio Development

The attorneys of Yudell Isidore have extensive experience in providing legal representation and counsel in the areas of patent and trademark law. Our attorneys provide comprehensive legal counsel on patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret issues, including:

  • Patent & Trademark Procurement
  • IP portfolio enhancement and capitalization
  • Patentability, validity and infringement opinions

Patent Procurement

Yudell Isidore  assists companies determining the availability and scope of patent protection, procuring domestic and international protection for such intellectual property assets, and ensuring long-term maintenance of intellectual property assets throughout the world. Yudell Isidore’s attorneys are educated and experienced in numerous engineering and technological arts, and are experienced in patenting innovations in many fields of technology. Moreover, many of our attorneys have the added advantage of previously having served in-house at both start-up and large technology companies.

Enhancement and Capitalization

Yudell Isidore partners work closely with clients, developing a keen understanding of their business. Utilizing this knowledge, our lawyers develop a patent strategy tailored to the client’s business objectives. Based upon this strategy, our attorneys provide counsel regarding acquisition, use and maintenance of patent assets.

For example, our patent attorneys can assist in portfolio management by performing periodic audits to provide a cost/benefit analysis of maintaining each patent asset. Our patent lawyers are also skilled in negotiating and drafting license, vendor purchase and sale, joint venture, franchise and other agreements to protect and profit from patents, company logos and trade names, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, and celebrity likeness and image.

Yudell Isidore’s patent attorneys also provide due diligence, including full title searches, to support acquisition and divestiture of companies and patent assets. Our attorney’s record security interests in patent assets and, through the firm’s perpetual docketing system, ensure that underlying patent assets are maintained for the life of the security interest. Our attorneys assist financial experts in developing detailed models for evaluating patent assets for risk management, collateral, gift evaluation, acquisition and divestiture, and initial public offerings.

Enforcement and Defense

Yudell Isidore’s attorneys collaborate to enforce our clients’ patent rights through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. We provide assessments of our clients’ patent assets, as well as third party patent assets, by performing validity and infringement analyses and constructing damage models.

Trademark Procurement

Yudell Isidore  partners advise companies regarding the development, enforcement and licensing of their marks, including company and product names and logos. Our attorneys perform clearance searches to assess the risk of adopting marks, and prepare and prosecute applications for marks before the United States Trademark Office.